Aurora Poly-meros

By making a labyrinth-like experience filled with plastic waste, we focus on the plastic problem in our oceans. The oceans ecosystem is one of the most delicate systems.
In some environments, taking away just one important component can undermine the entire system. Take coral reefs, for instance. Many organisms in a reef are dependent on the coral.
It provides key microhabitats, shelter and breeding grounds for thousands of species of fish, crustaceans and mollusks.
That makes coral a keystone organism, one that many others depend on for their survival. So what happens when destructive fishing practices, pollution and ocean acidification weaken coral or even kill it altogether?
Exactly what you might think.
We created a labyrinth from plastic. Made in such a way that the visitor is bound to “accidentally” touch the plastic. When the visitor either moves to close or touches the plastic,
the environment changes.

What we want to create is a realization that nature is fragile. One act or misstep can put an end to a very important but delicate ecosystem.
We humans need to be more cautious about our direct environment. So the room reacts with sound and visual warnings if the human in the room disrupts that balance.
The visitor has to move around carefully to not be the bull in the china store.