Skin Hunger

Stella Kramer

We all struggled during this pandemic. But a perhaps unforeseen side effect for everyone who doesn’t have a partner is skin hunger. The desire to toch someone else. To hug, to kiss, to cuddle. Living alone and not even allowed to sit close to someone else. How has that affected people, how does it feel to be hungry for intimacy?

Installation in TAC, Eindhoven

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Skin Hunger is a real side effect of the pandemic and lockdown that people tend to forget. I wanted to shine a light on it, to capture how it really feels. Skin Hunger is known to cause more depression, stress and anxiety, which I and others definitely experienced

Incorporating not just my own, but other people’s experiences into the poetry. Using the tapestry to visualise the breakdown of my mental health.

Using different types of yarn and weaving techniques I want to seduce the viewer to touch the tapestry, follow the lines, ropes and patterns. Being able to touch the tapestry while we couldn’t touch each other.