CAPTURED IN OWN BUBBLE is the project of Lena, Niels and Joeri. The coming week they will show their work on our instagram page. “We all live in our own bubble these days” The video installation moves around, being able to enter yourself and experience peace and dissatisfaction in it. Our project starts within the subject of individualism. For us, individualism means, among other things, being able to enter our own bubble. Within this one can withdraw and make one’s own choice about being in contact with the environment. Because everyone around us moves into their own world, it is sometimes difficult to step outside this familiar bubble. This sometimes ensures that certain emotions express themselves in impotence, have to hold back. “It goes as it goes.” The video consists of several parts in which the sides of the consequences of our individualistic culture are highlighted. On the one hand as something that is dreamily in a daze, on the other hand an emotional impotence at the mercy of a mysterious image.