CONNECTING INVISIBLE WOUNDS is the project of Doortje, Hannah, Nadine & Alicia. Next week they will show their work on our instagram. In the situation we find ourselves in as young adults, it is necessary to bounce back from the ominous pandemic and its measures. These have a major impact as we are in the prime of our lives. This has created wounds that are invisible. Bandaging invisible wounds requires the necessary resilience. The force that connects our work. We, like everyone else, have a need for touch and new experiences. With this project we realize a new joy with a view to healing, reflection and growth.

Measures – Nadine: Weird jumps with shaky ground convey the anxious feeling of the measures of the pandemic. Our refuge is nature. Confronting the forces of nature and overcoming our deeply felt fears makes us psychologically resilient. Because of the elements you experience that you can be there in different circumstances. By doing we become.

Wounds – Hannah: Young adults in particular are experiencing the consequences of the pandemic. The installation shows how they feel in times of corona. Many feel lonely, structureless and want more freedom again. They miss social and physical contact, which is often not possible due to the rules that exist. Missing these contacts leaves invisible wounds, which are often not seen or understood by others.

Resilience – Alicia: Young adults lose the opportunity to experience new things and be surprised. It is important for them to be stimulated by novelties. La maleta mágica was created to explore how people can rejoice in small things by acting on wonder and focusing on details.

Healing – Doortje: The meeting of the vessel. A place where you can be, with yourself and with others. Until you live completely in the moment. My fingers press into the clay and meet yours. The touch of the imperfect sets the process in motion. The process of healing, reflection and growth


Alicia Boyce

Nadine van Essen

Doortje Schoonbrood

Hannah Smith