GOING TO COFFEE is the project of Bo, Evi & Sanne. The coming week they will show their work on our instagram. A psalm for everything A psalm for everything for which there are no psalms for dead things that still exist: for a piece of rope, trampled to loose flax as well as for the little plant that it was, a psalm for bombs that have almost rusted through, a psalm for crossed-out additions, a psalm for apparently way too sweet and therefore torn letters, a psalm for the eternal unthinking, a psalm for unreal grass, one for the butcher and the last puddle that spews out of the lamb, a psalm to the old splatter of paint on that window pane, a psalm for conscience and forgotten charred house and then the child and then that drop of sweat and of that coolness before death begins.

– Leo Vroman


Evi Beek

Bo Emmens

Sanne de Graaf