The purpose of our porject was to create a safe space where young people can express their feelings. We wanted to do this by creating a platform where our audience could create their own collective. We didn’t want to make work for our audience, but together with our audience. We wanted to reach the youth through a informing website and a instagram page where they can share their own work and stories.


Our idealist is Kaylee. She graduated as an experience expert with With an idea that she turned into reality. She runs a youth-center called the id-cafe where young people with different mental or fisical struggles can come to. It’s a safe space where they can be themselves and talk to each other without judgement from the outside world.


At the id-cafe we organised a workshop. We asked the participants if they could write a letter to themselfs beforehand. Based on that letter we asked them to create artworks. Making their story’s and struggles visable.

Instagram Pagina

For our project we desided to make a instagram page We decided to create an Instagram page in order to reach a broad audience. It is a place where our target audience can talk to each other and share their stories.


Besides using social media to promote our collective we wanted to take the old skool route and make both a poster and flyer. We chose these more traditional methods To spread our message at schools and universities. since this is where our audience spends the most time a day and it still is a place Where both posters and flyers are actively read and spread around.

Poster And flyer

for more information check out our website!