Kent de boer nog wat 'ie vreet?

In Dutch there’s this famous proverb called ‘Wat de boer niet kent dat vreet ie niet’ which means what the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat. We were wondering if the farmer, and people in general, still know what they eat? Therefore we changed this proverb a little and made a question out of it ‘Kent de boer nog wat ‘ie vreet?’ which literally means does the farmer still knows what he eats? 

We’re Loes, Merel, Britt and Jona and we came in touch with Hans during this project. He lives in an Ecodorp in Amsterdam called Green Tribe. We were inspired by the style of living Hans contains which is completely different than the way most people do. It seems that he’s closer to nature and more in touch with the things he uses. We noted that in our daily life, a lot of people lack this consciousness. And that we have lost this contact with nature.

In this project we tried to create awareness about how we use our food. Do we still know what we eat and where it comes from? When you buy sprouts, do you know how they grow, and how the plant looks? 

To create this awareness we manufactured edible prints with edible ink made from beetroots and red cabbages. Every day we eat, but also waste a lot of food. Food became a product from which we no longer know it’s value or origin. The image on our prints is an intersection of an onion and a red cabbage. We want to evoke wonder about the beauty of this products by changing the way people look at them. 

We’ve shared our prints on the marketplace. By placing edible prints in the context of a place where people buy their food in a rural way, we tried to create more consciousness. We added a little folder to our print upon which we explained our message so that people could take our message to their homes.

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