The exhibition ‘I see I see’ shows works that are about the quality of life, within a society. 
Expectations are adjusted. And eyes are widened. With the main goal of increasing empathy for others, the Arts & Humanity group set to work, each with their own theme.

our projects

Arts & Humanity is a minor program from St. Joost school of Art & Design, Avans University of Applied Sciences.
It’s an elective program of one semester in which students of different disciplines and educations collaborate.
Arts & Humanity is all about social engagement. Students explore their own sense of social involvement and translate this into visual work.

Hannah, doortje, Nadine & Alicia
Artist Talks about their work at electron Breda.

Jettie, Adriana, Yenthe & Caitlin
Artist Talks about their work MATURE PEOPLE at electron Breda.

Lena, Niels & Joeri
Artist Talks about their video installation COVERED IN OWN BUBBEL at electron Breda.

Shannon & Leda speak in their Artist about their prototype of the Safecave at electron Breda.

Bo, Sanne & Evi have a different form of the artist talks. They have a recorded video about work at electron Breda.

Clim & Adrienne speak in their Artist Talks about their work NUTRITION at electron Breda.

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