The past year has been a tough one for everyone. COVID-19 has deeply touched the lives of many, from younger to older generations, but art has proven to be a great way to cope with the negative feelings that the pandemic brought up. With our exhibition “Best before…” we want to bring people from all ages together (even if it’s just virtually) and represent and reflect on the feelings coming from isolation, loneliness, lack of communication and community.  


Everybody wants good healthcare. Especially since Covid strikes us harder every day. But what is good healthcare? How do we prevent this situation from becoming unbearable? We, the students of the minor Arts & Humanity, have studied these questions in detail. This involved intensive collaboration with lecturers and researchers from the centre of expertise Caring Society 3.0. They have presented us with stimulating questions and propositions. This has resulted in 11 visual works.

On Friday, January 22, we will present our work via a livestream called ‘Best Before…’ We
will show all the projects and have conversations about how they came about.
Caring Society researchers will join these conversations and you are invited to join as well!

Why should you visit our exhibition? To get the chance to hear other people’s stories
and experiences, to try and look from somebody else’s point of view, to get a sense of community, to feel more understood and to engage with the struggles faced today by many
all over the globe.  

our projects

Arts & Humanity is a minor program from St. Joost school of Art & Design, Avans University of Applied Sciences.
It’s an elective program of one semester in which students of different disciplines and educations collaborate.
Arts & Humanity is all about social engagement. Students explore their own sense of social involvement and translate this into visual work.

Want to get to know the creators behind the projects and their thinking process? Why don't you watch back our livestream

Do you want to see more of what we've created in this minor?