L’Autre, or translated, ‘The Other’, is an art project about how two generations constantly feel the need to point their finger towards each other, while the chance of defeating any kind of problem would be much higher ithey combined forces. 

We believe that the younger generation originally behaves accordingly to what is expected of them. Yet, in the end, the older generation still blames them for doing the wrong thing. The younger generation accepts their conclusion, but they are simply mirroring the behaviour of the elderly. 

This is a problem that pops up in several social situations. The Covid-19 pandemic inspired us to create this project, because the younger generation is blamed for the flare-up of the second wave. In order to fight this pandemic, both generations have to unite and start seeing each other equally. 

We have handed out 50 bags (to the younger as well as to the older generation and to the Township in Breda that is trying to create support packages for young people) with a QR code which leads to our videoto spread our message and to ask everyone what their New Year’s Resolution is. We did this in the hope that they will stop pointing their fingers and unite as a community against the virus. To make this message clear, we added a small mirror and a card with this message in every bag.

Aurora Albin, Brian van Es, Guus Niessen, Julia Oud, Nynke Rijckenberg