Old but gold

How can the image of the old and those with a limited life expectancy be improved? This is the question we have been working on during this period. We created a project about the generation gap between the youth and the elderly. During our research, we found out that both the elderly and the youth had many prejudices about each other. It looks like the generation gap is getting bigger, but we seem to forget that we also have a lot in common and that we can learn from each other’s life experiences.

We interviewed two inspiring women about love, ambition and hobbies. We would like everyone to take a closer look at the life and surroundings of Gerda & Tooske. You will see and hear about the life choices that they made that changed their futures. In contrast we show you what choices they would have made if they were in their twenties today and how that differs from fifty years ago.

Gerda is a feminist & professor sexology and medicine. She told us about her fight for woman rights when she was younger. She fought along with the female activist group called Man Vrouw Maatschappij. After that did a study about gynecology and sexology. If she would be 20 now she would still fight for women rights. 

Tooske married young, she never really felt free because she had to marry Henk. If she didn’t do that, she wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house. If she was 20 now she did not get married and would have decided to not get children. 

With our project Old but Gold we want to narrow the generation gap between the youth and the elderly. This project is about the value of their life experiences and about encouraging the youth to spend more time with elderly, to hear and listen to their stories and experiences and to let them inspire us. With this project we want to improve the image of the old in the eyes of the youth.