We are currently living int he 20th century. A century in which we envisioned flying cars and laser eye lenses. What we did not envision was how individualistic our society would become. nowadays we do not knock on the neighbours door for advice or help anymore.

We use google. We do not pay attention to others because we are too busy with our own goals in life. Somewhere in this process we have created a humongous gap between our generations. Especially us teens and young adults versus our elderly. We have become opposites. The elders see the youth as the root of our problems, where the youth view the elders almost as a burden to society.
Instead of pointing the finger to eachother we should be learning from one another. Becauswe we will become them and they become us.

we hope to build a Bridge over the gap we’ve created between the generations.


By telling beautiful stories about the elderly that we don’t hear often enough.

project by: Denise Doornekamp, Martijn kersten, Vera van de biezen & Bram kremers.