The waiting room is the space where you are cut off from the outside world stimuli. When seated in a waiting room, what happens? Most often start wondering, feeling, reminiscing and finding new things to do to pass the time, the most mundane things. The experience of waiting is a common and shared aspect of the human life. Yet waiting it self is experienced differently, what does waiting mean to you? 


Life in a forensic psychiatric treatment clinic is waiting to live. You will have to wait for dependency. That dependence can only be experienced when death separates you from life.

As you experience the waiting room, we hope to highlight life and death in a way were we put them face-to-face. Though everyone’s view is different on both subject matters, we all experience life and one day this life will come to an end. 


By waiting we start to notice the small humane details that we usually never noticed, in our busy live. With this we hope to highlight a different point of view, which hopefully brings us more compassion, this being one of the core parts of humanity.

Life is the waiting time for death.
So, are you killing time?