Time will tell

About us

We are Jona, Iris, Benjamin, and Dune. We are 4 students of the minor arts and humanity at akv.st.joost Breda, with a passion for making ceramics. Together we made this project about objects from elderly people that tell their stories.

Our project

People are shaped by their experiences. They are marked by what they have been through and the older they get the more stories they are able to tell. This happens with objects in a similar way. Objects have a certain value caused by the stories they are connected with. In both cases they have some sort of vulnerability. Because what happens if these stories are lost?

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Our goal

We want to provide revaluation for the elderly. Elders look back on the life they have already lived, while our generation is still looking forward. We could learn a lot from their stories and they could also inspire us. We have had conversations with the elderly about objects that contain a lot of sentimental value to them and we have collected objects that are connected to these stories. With these objects we would like to make the stories tangible.

The objects

These objects could be seen as a personification of the stories we collected. We have made molds from our objects and made castings from ceramic. Now we are able to share their story and along with the objects we could eternalize them. The ceramic objects are white so we could leave some space for the viewer’s imagination. This way the viewer could relate the story along with the object to themselves. The objects radiate a certain fragility just like the elderly and their stories that we’re still able to share.