The vox box

the vox box

‘The Vox Box’ is a collection of four voices, all telling a different story. These stories are about  experiences during the Corona-Era.

A visual tells things in a different way than words. That’s why we, as visual artists, have decided to collaborate with four others to create a visual of their story. With this project we hope to show the audience in a new way what is on the minds of young adults right now. The works we created tell things about their lives, the things they experienced, the way they communicate and the fears and dreams they have.

The stories are unique, but contain many similarities. From this viewpoint we also hope to create a feeling of recognition and connection to other young adults. In a time of social distancing, we seek a way to bring people closer.

As a connecting element, the voices of the four participants are combined in an audio fragment. You can listen to this audio while viewing the works.

"Brick by Brick", by Marijn de vries and Emilie van Berkel

For this work I was inspired by Marijn de Vries. He has Multiple Sclerosis and therefore spends a lot of time at home. He is vulnerable but his environment protects him. He tries to get through the lockdown in an optimistic, creative and cheerful way, with the help of Lego.

The work consists of three different Corona protective equipment built from Lego. The colours are bright which stands for creativity and youth. In Lego, the brick is ferm, but the structure is fragile. By modeling the work I literally involve myself in his story.

"Eenvol" ("Oneful") - A Documentary/Visual Interpretation by Eline Zeevat and Kasper van Tol

Eline, a young woman with a past in Belgium, describes her mental struggles during the pandemic. What does the social distancing mean to her and what is different from her life before? What does she long for and which emotions did she have? But most of all: what did she learn?

"Martijn", by Martijn kersten and rai van oosterhout

In the interview I had with Martijn, he told me about his very early on experience of contracting COVID-19. He told me about how time blended together more and how it was a dull loop of gaming, coughing and lying in bed. He also mentioned he accidentally infected everyone else he met, and how he’d feel guilty if he somehow got COVID-19 again. I tried to work these feelings out in gifs.

"Stilstaan/ ساكن /STANDING STILL", by Mohannad Sablji and Anna Bakker

How do you experience the corona pandemic in a country where you have only lived for 5 years? Together we searched for a way to visualize Mohannad’s experience of the lockdown. Mohannad, born and raised in Syria, has been living in the Netherlands for five years. He got to know the country more and more, but Corona brought this to a halt. This has a big impact on his life. In many ways, it feels like the time is standing still. In conversations, we reflect together on the things he is now missing. Gaining experience by socializing with others, and thus getting to know the language and culture better. And achieving goals, such as traveling and finding a partner. These elements have been incorporated in this triptych. We have used our different languages for this. Mohannad speaks Arabic, and Anna speaks, as a maker, in ‘images’. The languages come together to tell a story.

The work includes photos that show our collaboration in the most direct way. Because we could not work together physically, we developed our own way of ‘remote teamwork’. The images show how Mohannad gives instructions to Anna via Teams and Whatsapp to paint the Arabic words.

‘The Vox Box’ , a project for the minor Arts & Humanity of AKV St. Joost, School of Arts and Design, 2020-2021