MADE AVAILABLE is the project of Myrthe, Fleur, Evy, Eva, Bo & Khattar. The coming week they will show their work on our instagram. We have all heard a story about the terrible crimes that led to a TBS order. Posting is a measure to protect society from people who commit crimes while suffering from a serious disorder or lack of development. Tbs is not seen as a punishment. The convicts are treated for their problems and learn to reintegrate into society. “The TBS’er” is generalized and demonized in the media. No two stories within the TBS are the same. The convicts also had a childhood, friends, family and children. Many used to go to work with their lunch box on the back of their bicycles.

In this installation you will find the fragmented image of six different makers in one creation. The opinions of the makers are at least as diverse as the stories of the convicts. It is virtually impossible to arrive at a single concrete vision within such a complex subject. By walking around the work you can see the ambiguous images of the makers. Enter the installation to feel the contrast with the outside.

You are asked not only to form your opinion based on your assumptions or their crime, but also to look further into the story. What could lead one to such a crime? To what extent are the people who have been made available different from you or me? 

“Stereotypes are not false, just incomplete.” – Chimamanda Adichie