MATURE PEOPLE is the project of Yenthe, Jettie, Adriana, Ramses and Caitlin. The coming week they will show their work on our instagram page. In today’s society, the emphasis is very much on youthfulness. Gray hair, wrinkles and other signs of age are not wanted. We do our best to look as young as possible for as long as possible. Why actually? Is life over after your youth? How do you grow old happily? 

We as young people had no idea and set out to investigate. By looking ahead we reflected on our present life. We made a journey through time. Our project changed and so did our vision. We had certain expectations about getting older, but were they really true? Based on these expectations, we have researched and started to work. We have brought these works together in an installation.

We enjoyed it and are looking forward to our midlife crisis with full courage. see you there!