REST SPACE is the project of Timothy, Shannon, Robin, Sarah & Leda. The coming week they will show their work on our instagram. Within St Joost in Breda there is no rest room that is adequate for the students who need it. Many of these students have nowhere to go if it becomes too much for them. At the moment they feel compelled to flee to places that are not intended for that. This is not how it should be! That is why we want to realize a place for and by students ourselves.

A place where you can go if things are not going well, where you can call someone such as a social worker and where you can be alone for a while so that you can relax; Live in the moment, don’t worry about the expectations of others and your own. Become aware of your senses. Experience the warmth of others who want the best for you, listen to their encouraging words, feel connected by their touch and accept that things can go a bit less just as they do for you.

Bloom by letting the plants bloom in the room. Take care of them so that they can take care of you and give you the necessary peace with their scents and colors. These plants come together with the decor of the room to form an organic whole. Surrender to the colors of the lights. There is no room for rigidity in this space. So be free to be yourself. Even if you are a lot of misery. Learn to think positively about yourself by following the advice and assignments we offer you in our space. This allows you to accept yourself more and more, love yourself and find the necessary peace of mind.

So surrender to yourself and imagine yourself in a sea of tranquility…


Shannon Bos

Robin Harrison

Timothy Verhofstadt

Sarah Visser

Leda Qaderdan