Clim Stoopen and AdriĆ«nne Rijnfrank have each made a project on the theme of nutrition. Within these two projects we examined the questions ‘What do you eat?’ and ‘How do you eat?’.

Clim has started researching what you eat. Within this project you see the process that has arisen by giving a visual reaction about the reactions that take place within the chemistry of food. In this project, the nutrients proteins, carbohydrates and fats were investigated. It starts with the creation of the nutrient at the molecular level and through various steps it is developed into a meeting of the body with textiles.

Adrienne started researching how you eat. Within this project, having fun eating a healthy meal was the most important. To achieve the fun, food building blocks have been made. The food blocks are the building blocks to build a healthy meal. Eating the blocks in a non-traditional way creates a pleasant experience around eating the meal.